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Dedicated to All Things Pet. 

About Us

InMemory of Mandu 

2009 - 2015

After the loss of a beloved pug named Mandu, our founding partners came together and designed a multi-dimensional system where profit meets philanthropy. 


Our mission began with Mandu.

Mandu’s name in Korean means dumpling. He was as tall as he was round, and our founder Kelly couldn’t have chosen a more perfect name for him. One evening in October, Kelly’s heartbreak began as her six-year-old pug Mandu suddenly lost use of his hind legs. Kelly called her friend and co-founder, Rachel, panicked.


Mandu required emergency spinal surgery.

Kelly will never forget how she felt as the veterinary technician informed of the price to save the life of her beloved pug. After the many conversations and visits with the veterinary surgeon, Kelly determined she owed it to Mandu to give him every chance she could to live.  If the surgery was successful and Mandu had a successful recovery, her pug would have many more years of health and happiness ahead of him. 

He survived the procedure but emerged with severe complications due to a fever spike during his first night in the ER. Mandu fought for four days and four nights. Sadly, he passed away on November 1, 2015.

Pawtricity™ was born.


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